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What is the best fit for you?

Do you need a personal one-on-one approach or a 12-week community accelerator to go from idea to prototype? Whatever you need we have what you need to start.

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12-week community accelerator program.

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You can and should set your own limits and clearly articulate them. This takes courage, but it is also liberating and empowering, and often earns you new respect.” ~ Rosalind Brewer


One On One

You have a great idea for an amazing new food product or concept, now what? The first stop on the road is a personalized one-to-one session with a food product specialist.

The Destination

First Point

Our expert will help you answer questions like, ‘where do I begin’, ‘how long will it take to launch’, ‘what’s involved in commercialization’, ‘where do I make it’ and ‘how do I make money’?


Learning Lab

Get up to speed at your own pace in your entrepreneurial journey with our course bundle package.


The Destination

Second Point

We have 3 options to choose from based on what you need to understand most.


Take Action

Now that you’ve gone to school, done your homework and created your roadmap you work one-on-one with our expert to make sure that you have a solid plan and actionable steps for you to follow to take you from passion to prototype.

The Destination

Execution Point

Our expert will assess your roadmap one-on-one with you to help you clearly identify your next actionable steps to success.


12 Weeks

Have a vision. Be demanding.”
  ~ Colin Powell

How long is the SCALE course?

The course runs for 12 weeks.  You will attend one 3-hour class per week learning valuable food startup knowledge from our industry experts.

Who is the SCALE course made for?

You are a part of a community accelerator or partner programs and not only did Great Great Great Grandma’s brownies hit the jackpot, you can’t keep up with demand. 

SCALE, teaches you how to optimize production runs and adjust formulations to accommodate large batch productions. 

Additionally, you will need to review delivery methods (supply chain) and distribution for all the Retailers who want access to your product.

SCALE, is the program that will scale your product for commercialization.   

how to formulate your product recipes for commercialization.

to create and effective and efficient supply chain.

how to build a stand-out brand.


Now you have established revenue we help you fine tune you what differentiates your brand based on current market expectations.  You will analyze processes to adapt for maximum consumer retention and additional sales opportunities.


Do you have systems in place to handle a recall?  Do you know what the GFSI benchmarks are or know how to reach them?  Bigger growth comes with bigger risk, learn what is needed to protect you legally.


Next stage production will require next stage capital.  Walk through the ins and out of securing next stage capital.

Does VC hurt or harm your business? How to access institutional loans.  What are the costs associated with expanding into foreign markets?


Learn why HACCP is important to your food production and how to implement the plan. Commonly overlooked hazards in food production; allergens, cross-contamination controls and food safety systems.


Scaling your product means taking a much closer look at the science of your product’s shelf-life.  Microbiological, emulsifying agents, additives, preservatives and stabilizers.


What are the advantages of using a lean manufacturing process in your food manufacturing plan and supply chain?  We answer this question.


Refining product design to support your expansion goals.


Pitching for sales, pitching for capital, pitching retailers, pitching to the consumer.  Your scaling plans rest on your ability to pitch your product’s story.  Learn how to refine your pitches.


More production means more people to help you realize your vision.  Learn how to hire the right people and develop your human resources process for the next phase of development.


We partner you with local colleges.  Students take on your brand to create a capstone project to produce a product awareness campaign.


It’s time to take a deeper dive into your customer’s purchasing habits, identifying the best channels for your brand, costs associated with scaling, buyer expectations and more.

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