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What is the best fit for you?

Do you need a personal one-on-one approach or a 12-week community accelerator to go from idea to prototype? Whatever you need we have what you need to start.

How do you want to START?


12-week community accelerator program.

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” ~ Walt Disney


One On One

You have a great idea for an amazing new food product or concept, now what? The first stop on the road is a personalized one-to-one session with a food product specialist.

The Destination

First Point

Our expert will help you answer questions like, ‘where do I begin’, ‘how long will it take to launch’, ‘what’s involved in commercialization’, ‘where do I make it’ and ‘how do I make money’?


Learning Lab

Get up to speed at your own pace in your entrepreneurial journey with our course bundle package.


The Destination

Second Point

We have 3 options to choose from based on what you need to understand most.


Take Action

Now that you’ve gone to school, done your homework and created your roadmap you work one-on-one with our expert to make sure that you have a solid plan and actionable steps for you to follow to take you from passion to prototype.

The Destination

Execution Point

Our expert will assess your roadmap one-on-one with you to help you clearly identify your next actionable steps to success.


12 Weeks

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer”  ~ Harriet Tubman

How long is the START course?

The course runs for 12 weeks.  You will attend one 3-hour class per week learning valuable food startup knowledge from our industry experts.

How much is the START course?

The cost is $1500 for 12 weeks. Bonus, saving tens of thousands of dollars in missteps and mistakes.

Who is the START course made for?

You are a maker who is a part of a community accelerator or partner program and you have an idea rummaging in your head, or you’ve been beta testing Great Great Great Grandma’s brownie recipe with a few healthy, sugar-free modifications. 

Or, you have the idea for a food product that is wildly popular in your home country and you are just the person to introduce it to the North American market.

Or, you have an idea for a brand new food product that is going to blow people’s minds.

START, is the program that will take you from idea to production to product.   

Make your product in a controlled food production facility.

Learn how to cost your product and identify cost-saving efficiencies.

Access to food scientists that can improve or enhance flavours, shelf-life and formulations.


What does your foodpreneur road look like?  How do you even begin?  We use a lean startup model to walk you through the fundamentals of building a business roadmap, market research, right down to choosing the type of business registration that is right for you.


Food can be a tricky business, so how do Foodprenuers protect themselves?  We teach you how to do just that by exploring the ins and out of liability and insurance specific to food startups.


The key to your success can hinge on knowing how to forecast, budget, cost, prepare financial statements, find capital, source private and government funding. START foodpreneurs will learn how to avoid critical mistakes and lay the correct foundation right from the beginning.


Safety, safety, safety.  To avoid putting everything at risk it is crucial that you know how to create a safe food working environment for you, your staff and environment.  We cover topics like the role Food Processing Skills Canada plays and the fundamentals of a HACCP plan.


There is a science to flavour, learn about flavour enhancers and their effects, preservatives, additives and the limits of your product’s shelf stability.


Going from your kitchen to a production facility can be a huge eye-opener.  Learn the secret to adapting grandma’s secret family recipe in a production environment.


Seeing is believing.  Considerations such as, physical appearance, shape, size, colour and style impact how consumers perceive your product, what type of shelf placement you get in the grocery isles, even what type of funding you might secure.  Build your prototype with visual impact and the right message for the right consumer.  


Your product has a story and telling relies on how well you brand your product through engaging storytelling practices, crafting a marketing strategy and leveraging social platforms.


Now you have created a food product, a next level design and crafted your story where are you going to tell it and sell it?  Are you going to have an online store or just an online presence?  Either way, how are you going to build it, what’s the right platform for your approach?  We also explore available software and SAAS technologies for your business.


What’s your primary source of revenue?  Have you considered alternative sources like collaborating with peers?


This won’t be the only time you pitch your product, just the first.  Pitching to investors, pitching to industry, pitching in competitions.  It’s important for your success to get your pitch right.  We help you craft your pitch.

Foodpreneur Lab

We provide the entrepreneurial soil so anyone with an idea for a food product can learn how to grow their food dream into reality.

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