Food manufacturing is the second largest industry in Canada

It’s worth over $112.5bn and employs over 250,000 people

that’s a lot of people and money, why is it so overlooked?

…in a word, tech.

Everyone’s Got To Eat.


There is nothing inherently wrong with resources going to tech especially when advancing women and diverse groups in STEM. The issue is with it coming at the expense of recognizing innovation in food.

There has never been more need for innovation in food due to globalization, shifting patterns in traceability, sustainability and food security. Demand for unique products that address these issues is extremely high.  Yet, there is very little attention given to the sector.

Part of our mandate here at Foodpreneur Lab is to do our part to bring awareness to this visibility gap with our approach and partnerships.

Got Funding?

Ready to roll up your financial sleeves and get involved? 

Have a regional accelerator funding or a community initiative to support food business in your area or industry? We provide 12-week foodpreneur programs that are branded and marketed through your organization.

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Where’s The Funding?

WTF, Where’s the Funding?

In an overlooked sector, it probably goes without saying that there is a distinct lack of private and public funding to help food businesses launch and scale.  There are a couple of ways we want to help address this oversight.

First, our exclusive members only WTF (Where’s the Funding) events will help you understand and take advantage of any existing or new funding opportunities.

Next, we are keeping our ear to the ground and will let you know about any new funding released or announced.


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