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Where food dreams grow.

We help food entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes to start or scale your food product. We are laser focused on providing you with experts and access.  Whatever your foodpreneur goals our community can help support your innovation and development.


Whether you are looking for a personalized approach to your business or a part of a community accelerator, our foodpreneur model will help you transition from idea to prototype.


There are unique challenges and processes that need to be put in place when you are getting ready for commercialization.  Following our START approach, we offer both personalized and community accelerator approaches to help you scale your food business.


We only work with community partners that share our vision of increasing access to this industry.  Ones that are committed to growing, improving and innovating to create more diverse, unique products that represent our incredible Canadian landscape.


The food business requires a distinct set of skills and knowledge acquisition. So, all of our online foodpreneur courses, workshops and events are laser-focused on increasing your food business intelligence. 


Access and opportunity, especially for women and diverse communities, is the foundation on which Foodpreneur Lab is built.  The goal of our membership is to open doors and create community.


You want to be the best so you need to learn from the best.  We have brought together a community of experts to help your food business start and scale.


Time, money, resources are always at a minimum so our approach is to give you the most bang for your buck and a clear roadmap of steps to your goal.


Food manufacturing is the second largest industry in Canada but WTF  (it’s not what you think) and the support for the industry and foodpreneurs? So we are addressing this.


The entrepreneurship game has changed, so we’ve changed with it.  Everything we do and everything we offer is about setting the pace for the future and your success.


You are unique, so is your product and process. We offer an individualized look and approach to your food business whether your need to START or SCALE.


It takes one to know one.  From our team to our approach to our partners to building our member community we gather like minded people and businesses.

“Foodpreneur Lab coached our management team throughout the weeks leading up to an important investors’ pitch event. Janice was extremely warm, supportive and proactive. She met with us on a regular basis, putting effort into getting to know our family, business, and products. She constantly suggested unique ideas and tips to help us improve our business pitch content and presentation. We’re so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her and Foodpreneur Lab, and look forward to working with them again.”

– The Al-Soufi family 

Our passion is on raising access for everyone, including women, newcomers and diverse groups.


Foodpreneur Lab

We provide the entrepreneurial soil so anyone with an idea for a food product can learn how to grow their food dream into reality.

Where food dreams grow.

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